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Top 5 tools for SEO in 2019

SEO tools in 2019
Top 5 SEO tools
Written by Sainath Nuvvula

SEO Tools – Search Engine optimization is one of the keys for any business; infact search engine optimization is the nervous system for any website to grow proportionally in terms of traffic. Seo has become tricky and more challenging with frequent updates by giant search engines like Google. To build a proper SEO Strategy and for SEO success both free and premium tools are necessary. There are many tools which help in SEO success, and I would like to mention the top 10 Tools for better success in 2019.

1. Ahrefs – Free & Premium

Ahrefs is a powerful and robust tool which helps in Competitor Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Keyword Cannibalization, Niche Monitoring, Back Link Research, Content Research, Rank Tracking, Web Tracking and many more. Most of the SEO Community use Ahrefs for Great SEO Success.

2. semrush – Free & Premium

semrush is a dynamic tool that helps in keyword research, Topics Research, traffic analytics, seo writing assistance, advertising research, organic research, backlink analysis, gap analysis, CPC map and report building. semrush is one of the useful tools in the market.

3. serpstat – Free & Premium

serpstat is a growth hacking tool that really helps for seo including Domain Analysis, Competitor analysis, Top Pages, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, URL Analysis and PPC Research.

4 . Woorank – Free & Premium

Woorank is one of the best tools to do a technical audit for any website, and this tool has all the features including Backlink analysis, structured data analysis, Social signal Analysis, Technology audit, Open Graph Graph Protocol Analysis, Visitors measurement, Usability Analysis, Report generation and Keyword Cloud Analysis.

5. SpyFu – Free & Premium

SpyFu is a premier tool for competitor analysis it is one the best tools in the market which is helping the community with features like website traffic analysis, keyword tracking and ranking, ad variant analysis, keyword analysis, keyword grouping, backlink analysis and report generation.

Note: There are many tools for SEO in the market that comes in handy the above tools are my favourite and helped my SEO friends and me, I am not affiliating any of the above tools and promoting the above tools is not my idea. I wanted to help SEO’s to make use if the above tools for better analysis to build a firm SEO strategy.

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