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Toughest SEO Interview Questions in 2019

SEO Interview questions 2019
Latest SEO interview questions
Written by Sainath Nuvvula

SEO Interview in 2019 – search Engine optimization is becoming one of the major role for all small and big companies in India, every small and big companies are hiring SEO’s for their in house. In India the future scope for SEO is good as of now. In fact there is a buzz in the market saying SEO is going to die in coming years, being an SEO Analyst I strongly say that there is lot of future scope for SEO’s in India. I am saying this because SEO that I have seen in 2012 is totally different from the current scenario. SEO is becoming tough and tricky day by day as people around the web are trying to trick google in multiple ways.

Giant search engines like Google are putting lot of efforts to standardize their search quality results and SEO Analysts needs to update their skill set following guidelines set by the concerned search engines. I have attended too many interviews and I get to know that there is lot to lean and I Would like to mention a few questions that I have come across in multiple SEO interviews in 2018-2109

Latest SEO interview Questions 2019

1.What is SILO structure and how does it benefit for SEO?

2.What is TFIDF / tf-idf and how to measure the score of TFIDF score for any web page?

3. Why does google prefer JSON-LD than other structured data types?

4.What is keyword cannibalization and explain how to fix taking a real time scenario?

5.Explain to how to setup page scroll in Google Tag Manager (GTM)?

6. What is PAA and how do you optimize PAA in your SEO strategy?

7.What is Image Search Carousel and how do you optimize it?

8.What is social debug and how does it befit SEO’S Explain in detail?

9.What are corner stone pages and how to make use of them in word-press?

10.What are absolute and relative URL’s and which strategy is good for SEO?

11. Write syntax for Disavow file (both domain and URL) ?

12.Explain DOM and detail how does it impact SEO score?

13. What are orphan pages and how does those impact SEO?

14. What are sneaky redirects and how does those impact SEO?

15. What is G ZIP compression and explain how does it benefit SEO strategy and how to implement it on any website?

16. What is server signature and does it impact SEO strategy?

17. What your opinion Domain age for ranking, explain with a real time case study if you have any?

18.What is the difference in SEO strategy for TLD and CCTLD Domains explain in detail?

19.How to optimize Site links, do you follow any strategy for site links?

20. What are Jump Tags and how to better optimize jump tags in SEO strategy?

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