Inventions by Different Countries

Inventions by Different Countries
Inventions by Different Countries
Written by Sainath Nuvvula

Inventions – An Invention is a unique method, composition or process. The Invention process is a process within an overall engineering and product development process. Three areas of Inventions like Scientific – technological (including medicine) , Sociopolitical (including economics and law) , and humanistic, or cultural.Here is the complete list of inventions by different countries in several aspects.

In the process of developing an invention, the initial idea may change. The invention may become simpler, more practical, it may expand, or it may even morph into something totally different. Working on one invention may lead to other inventions too.

Complete List of Inventions by different countries

Name of InventionYearName of InventorCountry
Aeroplane1903Orville & Wilbur WrightUSA
Artificial heart1957Willem Johan KolffNetherlands
Atomic bomb1945J. Robert OppenheimerUSA
Hydrogen Bomb1952Edward TellerUSA/Hungary
Neutron Bomb1958Samuel CohenUSA
Barometer1644Evangelista TorricelliItaly
Bicycle1839-40Kirkpatrick MacmillanBritain
Car(steam)1769Nicolas Joseph CugnotFrance
Clock(mechanical)1725I-hsi & Liang Ling- TsanChina
Clock(pendulam)1656Christiaan HuygensNetherlands
Diesel engine1895Rudolf DieselGermany
Electric lamp1879Thomas Alva EdisonUSA
Electronic computer1824Dr. Alan M. TuringBritain
Fountain pen1884Lewis E. WatermanUSA
Galvanometer1834Andre-Marie AmpereFrance
Guided missile1912Wernher van BraunGermany
Helicopter1924Etienne OehmichenFrance
Jet engine1937Sir Frank WhittleBritain
Laser1960Theodore H. MaimanUSA
Microphone1876Alexander Graham BellUSA
Micro-processor1971Robert Noyce & Gordon MooreUSA
Optical fibre1955Narinder KapanyGermany
Pasteurization1867Louis PasteurFrance
Printing Press1455Johannes GutenbergGermany
Radar1922A.H. Taylor & Leo C. YoungUSA
Refrigerator1850James Harrison, Alexander CatlinUSA
Steam engine1765James WattBritian
Submarine1776David BushnellUSA
Super Computer1976J.H.Van TasselUSA
Tank1914Sir Ernest D. SwingtonBritain
Telegraph1787M. LammondFrance
Television (mechanical)1926John Logie BairdBratian
Television (electronic)1927P.T. FarnsworthUSA
Thermometer1593Galileo galileiItaly
Transistor1948Bardeen, Shockley & BrattainUSA
Type Writter1808pellegrine TarriItaly
Stethoscope1819Rene laennecFrance
Electro-Cardiograph1903Willem EinthovenNetherlands
Penicillin1928Alexander FlemingBritain
D.D.T.(Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane)1939Paul MullerGermany
Cryo-Surgery1953Henry SwanUSA
Poliomyelitis vaccine (incectivates)1954Jonas SalkUSA
Poliomyelitis vaccine (oral)1960Albert SabinUSA
Heart Transplant Surgery1967Christiaan BarnardSouth Africa
CAT Scanner1968Godfrey HounsfieldBritain
Recombinant-DNA Technology1972-73Paul Berg, H.W. Boyer, S. CohenUSA
First Test Tube Baby1978Patrick steptoe & Robert EdwardsBritain
X-Ray1895William RoentgenGermany
Rabies Vaccine1860Louis PasteurFrance
Vaccination1796Edward JennerEngland
Battery1800Alessandro voltaItaly

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