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What are Backlinks are they really Useful in SEO 2019 – 2020

backlinks in SEO
Written by Sainath Nuvvula

What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are nothing but associating our website with others. Backlinks are the common word used in SEO, Back links plays a key role in Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks are nothing but the incoming links that are connecting or linking to our page to another web page or website.

What is Link Juice?

In general, most of the people don’t have the proper idea how to get a back link, why to get a backlink where to get a back link. Today I would like to explain why Back links are very crucial and essential and for everyone either it could be a small business or a big one whose have online presence.

Link Juice is nothing but if any of the websites over the web gives us a backlink to your web page it will passes the link juice, the link juice which is passed by the other website helps in improving our Domain Authority .So it is recommended by market gurus to get good backlink juice to improve our Domain Authority and Citation flow.

What are No-Follow Links?

The word No-Follow clearly says that DON’T FOLLOW .IF we are getting a backlink from a website which has No-Follow tag , it means that they don’t want to give link juice to your website and it doesn’t make any sense in getting a back link as per the Search Engine Optimization Perspective.

In precise No-Follow link is a link which contains Rel=”Nofollow” Attribute

What are Do-Follow Links?

In contrast to No-Follow Links, Do-Follow links are the links without No-Follow tag, Do-Follow links are very useful in improving the Search Engine Rankings. SEO specialist used to say that get a back link from the website which has Do-Follow Links .Do-Follow links are considered to be the most powerful links for any of the websites.

In precise Do-Follow link is a link which doesn’t contains Rel=”Nofollow” Attribute

What are Low quality Back Links?

Low quality back link is nothing but getting a Back link from unworthy and irrelevant websites, technically speaking websites which has low quality content, duplicate content, websites which has 18+ and porn related content are Considered to be low quality websites. Linking our website/web-page to such websites is not a wise way of association.

Buying links for the quantity is also considered as the low quality back links as per the Google panda Algorithm Update.

What is Linking Root Domain?

When we are linked to any good and high quality and trust worthy website more than 9 time approximately it would be considered as our website is link to a single Link Root Domain. So instead of concentrating on unworthy domains it is suggested by specialists and gurus to concentrate on more number of backlinks from a single trust worthy domain more number of times.

Some of the major benefits of getting Backlinks in SEO are as follows

  • Back linking Enhances the Organic Traffic
  • Back linking leads to the referral Traffic to the website
  • Back linking leverages the Brand value
  • Back Linking helps in indexing the webpages more faster

Want to make your website index faster than your competitor?

If you would like to index your web-pages much better than your competitors the simple thing you can do is doing submissions, get good backlinks from the websites which really make sense and write proper and precise information while getting a back link in order to avoid bounce rate and once Search Engines crawl the pages it will be automatically indexed which in turn leads to better rankings.

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